Matt Mutz | Full-stack .NET developer

Project Experience

This is a sample of the projects I've worked on over the years, chosen for the interesting things I learned by doing them. Curious about something? Contact me and I'll happily tell you more.


Video Content Gallery and Management System

Developed video gallery to showcase product videos

Structured Data for Product Details

Implemented rich snippets for products


Paint Defect Tracking

Created a paint defect tracking system let paint finishing operators and coating engineers know about what defects are coming out on other parts and adjust the robot to fix

Scientific Paper Collection & Printed Book Generation

Created a system to collect scientific papers from authors globally, and export metadata for assembly into printed conference materials


Membership Renewal Notice Creation System

VB6 application to generate renewal notices for membership database

Higher Education

Student Portal

Wordpress plugin to display upcoming student organization events on the main feed of the student portal


Web site

Wordpress website for local non-profit organization